Open Source Bioprinter

In Spring 2016, we observed that none of the entry-level bioprinting platforms coming to market were open source or in the sub-$10k price range. We developed an open source bioprinter to meet this need for the growing number of new researchers in the field

We initially began developing a suite of bioprinting tools based on the Buildclass 3D Printer platform, including a pneumatic syringe extrusion system and a positive pressure HEPA filtered glovebox. In July 2016 we developed a bioprinter based on the open source Prusa i3. The i3 was both cost-effective, and widely documented in the open source community. This fit within the ethos of our goal.

We piloted our design for the open source bioprinter kit in August ‘16 at the Connaught Institute Bioprinting Conference at University of Toronto's Centre for Microfluidic Systems, where we worked with a group of 20 MSc and PhD students.